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Catio on Roof Terrace Catio on Roof Terrace

Catio on a Roof Terrace

Roof Terrace Catio

Bespoke ProtectaPet Catio's built to last

Transform your rooftop into a secure haven for your furry friend with a ProtectaPet Catio. Crafted from long-lasting Galvanised and Black Powder Coated Steel and fortified with ProtectaPet Hybrid Cat Mesh, our custom-designed solution ensures the safety of your beloved cat while keeping unwanted wildlife at bay. Trust our team of ProtectaPet Professional Installation Engineers to install your tailored catio with precision, ensuring a low-visual impact that seamlessly blends with your rooftop terrace. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your cat can roam freely in a protected environment.

Catio on Roof TerraceCatio on Roof Terrace

Catio on a Roof Terrace


ProtectaPet Catio

Bespoke Catio designs for Roof Terraces

How Roof Terrace Catios Work

All ProtectaPet Catios are built from galvanised and black powder coated steel for integral strength and durability, with a slim profile for the optimum aesthetic finish.

Professionally Installed Bespoke Catios

Choose our professional installation service for patented catio products, designed by the international-leaders in catios & installed to your exact requirements

Built To Last

Made in Britain from powdercoated steel for strength, sleek aesthetics and durability on your cat patio

Catio Features

  • Precision engineered catio, patent-pending technology and optimum aesthetics

  • Magnetic 'paw proof' latch allows easy and secure closing on catio gate

  • Wildlife 'chew guard' of steel mesh along lower 60cm of catio

  • High tensile polymesh is discrete and easy to tailor on catio

  • Minimal maintenance and long life in use with black gloss powdercoated catio posts

  • Pregalvanised posts (3cm x 3cm) for optimum durability and long life in use of catio

  • Modular catio gates, catio shelves and catio scratchers can be added for catification and cat enrichment

Cats Protected


Frequently Asked Questions

Where your house is brick, you can attach the cat enclosure frame using our bespoke made 'top hat clips'. ProtectaPet offer a range of modular components to attach catios and cat enclosures to your house.

Generally speaking, Catio structures are not permanent structures. Planning regulations vary by area and also it will depend on whether you want to put the Catio in your front or back garden so we advise you to contact your Local Authority for advice specific to your proposed project.

Researchers at the University of Lincoln interviewed more than 400 cat owners who introduced an outdoor cat enclosure for their cats. Cats who had previously been kept indoors showed improved behaviuoral scores with controlled outdoor access.

A Catio is a great option to extend your cat's territory out in to your garden. If you buy a steel framed Catio, it is also easy to deconstruct and take to a new house if you move home. If you are looking for a larger outdoor territory for your cat, we'd recommend using a cat fence barrier.

Researchers at the University of Lincoln interviewed more than 400 cat owners who introduced an outdoor cat enclosures for their cats. Both cats who had previously been used to free-roaming and indoor cats showed improved behavioural scores.

Professor Mills said: “Many owners feel conflicted about letting their cat out, because they worry about the risks, but feel their cat would appreciate being out. Understandably many owners will keep their cats inside, but our work shows that there is a practical alternative that works, and yes, the cats do benefit from being outside, and even more so when that outside environment is protected.”

Choose a Catio that is good quality and solidly built as it will represent better value for money over it's life in use. ProtectaPet Catios are made from galvanised steel so that they minimal maintenance and are built to last. ProtectaPet offer both DIY options - starting at £800 - or professionally installed options - starting at £2,400.

The main reason that cat owners choose a Catio over a Cat Proof Garden is to prevent neighbourhood 'bully' cats from entering the cat secure area. The mesh roof inhibits other cats from climbing in.

While Catios are not permanent structures, local planning regulations can vary and we advise that you contact your local authority for advice before installation. You will need to cite information about the dimensions of your proposed Catio and regulations between front and back gardens can also vary.

Hybrid Cat Mesh

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