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London Cat Fencing, Cat Enclosures, Cat Balconies, Cat Runs and Catios

British designed cat fencing and cat enclosures professionally installed or supplied to London residents

A high proportion of our cat enclosure services are undertaken in London. It is hardly surprising that Londoners are ahead of the trend in finding practical solutions such as cat enclosures, catios and cat fencing to keep their cats safe: dangers to cats such as road traffic, brazen urban foxes and territorial disputes with neighbouring cats are most prevalent in densely populated areas. Keeping your cat securely enclosed within the safety of your house and gardens maximise your cats’ safety, while providing them with the optimum quality of life.

London Cat Fencing

Outdoor living space in London comes in all shapes and sizes from balconies and courtyard gardens though to urban jungles with mature trees and thick undergrowth. Our cat enclosures, cat balconies, catios and cat fencetop barriers cater for all garden shapes and types. The size and complexity of your garden will determine whether you choose the professional installation team to cat proof your garden or, if you are practically minded, you might consider a DIY cat-proofing kit available in our Shop.


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